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Adding Feet to a Snake

一天, 狮子先生举行一场聚会,许多动物都来了,他们喝很多酒。
One day, Mr. Lion holds a party. Many animals come and drink a lot of wine.

At last there is a pot of wine. Who can drink it? They think out an idea and decide to have a match of drawing a snake. If you finish first, you can get it.

Soon Mr. Wolf finishes drawing. "Yeah, I've finished. I'm No.1," he says. But he draws again and says, "Oh, let me add feet to my snake."

At the time, Mr. Gorilla also finishes. He takes away the pot of wine and drinks. He says, "That isn't a snake. Snakes have no feet. I get the wine."

The idiom "adding feet to a snake" comes from this story and means to ruin the effect by adding what is superfluous.

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