Chinese stories - Read them, speak them
Here we provide a list of Chinese reading materials. You can use Smart Chinese Reader to study them. You will easily understand Chinese words and their usages, learn Chinese syntax, and practice speaking Mandarin with the software.

The collection includes traditional Chinese stories, essays about China's current affairs, and texts on daily life in China. They are at three reading levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Find articles that are suitable for your reading skill, try to recognize sentence structures, and pick up the occasional new vocabulary words. As more articles you get through, your Chinese reading skill improves.

Chinese articles are presented in a way that is easy to read. For each story or essay, English translation, statistics of words in HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5, HSK 6, and key points of lexicon and syntax are provided. We also offer audio files for you to play and download. If you have comments or questions concerning a Chinese story or essay, just post them below the story or essay.

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Traditional Chinese Festivals
life advanced375783120122324
Chinese food: Beijing Kaoya (Peking roast duck)
life intermediate1081655948
Words used in dating Chinese girls or boys
life beginner45321639192395
Sentences to express love in Chinese
life intermediate2589320161684