Features - There are many programs that do the same thing. What distinguishes this program from all the other?

The advantages of Smart Chinese Reader can be boiled down into two points:

1. Built-in web browser

Smart Chinese Reader offers a built-in web browser with popup Chinese dictionary on mouseover. Users can read any Chinese web pages easily now, simply hover mouse over a Chinese word to pull up its definition right on the page.

There are some websites which provide tons of information. For example, when you want to buy a shirt online, more details you know about the shirt will help you make a decision. So pages on 淘宝 (taobao.com) or 京东 (jd.com) are always long. Although they have mobile versions, the smaller screen of cell phones limits the amount of information displayed in a page. In order to obtain enough information quickly for shopping, travel, investigation, writing, etc. it is more convenient to view pages of such websites on PC, and Pleco is of little help this way.

The search engine 百度 (baidu.com) is indispensable whether for daily life or for work in China. Baidu.com does provide APP on cell phones, but search results are reduced to adapt to cell phones, thus comparison and assess based on search results are difficult to be carried out. So retrieving information with baidu APP is very inconvenient, it is worse for foreigners because they cannot use Pleco APP to look for meanings of Chinese words displayed on baidu APP. Smart Chinese Reader makes baidu.com usable on PC for foreigners.

We believe Smart Chinese Reader will let you know more about China, make foreigners' life and work in China easier. With the unique built-in web browser, you can search baidu.com for any Chinese information, browse qq.com for news, visit taobao.com or jd.com for shopping, 12306.com to buy railway tickets, 58.com to find local merchants and service providers, jiayuan.com or baihe.com or ylike.com to date Chinese boys/girls.

2. Deep reading

You can select a section in a web page and study it in depth with more learning aids of Smart Chinese Reader, including Chinese word segmentation, Chinese part of speech tagging, Chinese to English translation, pronunciation, example sentence search, HSK ranking, and review. It is also a great help for Chinese language learning!

Compared with traditional learning programs, they follow a fixed curriculum for every learner -- regardless of your proficiency or needs. As you use Chinese with Smart Chinese Reader, choose what you want to learn and take control by focusing on only what's important to you.

And compared with dictionary apps popular now, Smart Chinese Reader lets you gain more Chinese language knowledge (meanings and usages of Chinese words, patterns and even rhythms of Chinese sentences) from a text, rather than just to get through the text. It makes your Chinese learning more effective.