Example - Does Smart Chinese Reader provide example sentences?

Of course, we provide example sentences for each word, and it is an important feature of Smart Chinese Reader. Double-clicking on a word either in the Beginner, Advanced, or HSK tab will bring up the Examples tab in which example sentences containing the current word are displayed. Example sentences offer a wealth of information and give you a sense of how the word is used. Each example sentence is a Chinese-English sentence pair, in which the Chinese sentence is original and the English sentence is its translation by human translator. Because sentences were originally conceived in Chinese, it ensures the authenticity of Chinese word usages.

Have a look at the example sentence provided for "查处":

1. 抓紧 查处 严重 破坏 市场经济 秩序 的 大案要案 。
We should promptly investigate and prosecute major cases of sabotage against the order of the market economy.

2. 立案 迅速 , 查处 速度 快 , 办案 效率 高 。
Cases can be quickly filed for official examination and possible prosecution, investigation follows promptly, and efficiency in handling the case is high.

3. 对 任何 腐败 分子 都 必须 彻底 查处 、 严惩不贷 。
All corruptionists must be thoroughly investigated and punished without leniency.

4. 对 违反 发票 管理 法规 的 案件 , 应 立案 查处 。
they shall place the case on file for investigation and prosecution in regard to violation of invoice management regulations.

5. 对 各类 土地 违法 违规 案件 都 要 严肃 查处 。
We will strictly investigate and prosecute all cases of land use that contravene laws and regulations.

6. 不管 牵涉 到 谁 , 都 要 按照 党纪 , 国法 查处 .
Anyone who has engaged in criminal activities must be dealt with in accordance with Party discipline and state law.

7. 就是 要 查处 这样 的 案子 , 才 会 有 震动 .
Dealing with that kind of case can have a great impact on society.

8. 对 违反 规定 的 企业 , 由 工商 行政 管理 机关 查处 。
Enterprises that commit violations of the provisions shall be investigated and dealt with by organs of industry and commerce administration.

9. 严厉 查处 设立 小金库 和 各种 违反 规定 乱 花钱 的 行为 。
Cases involving off-books accounts and arbitrary spending in violation of regulations will be investigated and dealt with severely.

From these samples, we can summarize the collocations of "查处":

1. "查处" takes the following noun phrases as its object: 案件/案子/大案要案(cases),腐败分子(people),违反规定的企业(companies)

2. "查处" can be modified by adverbs: 严肃/严厉/彻底

The popup Chinese dictionary is also available in the Examples tab. For unknown Chinese words in example sentences, just click on them to bring up the dictionary for help.